Details & Care

Care Instructions

To Store:
Store bag in original form or rolled up in dry area.  Folding will cause stubborn creases.  Mold can form on wet bag.
To Remove Wrinkles:
Iron on Linen setting ( do not iron on designs )
To Clean:
Use wet towel with mild soap to blot out stains.  DO NOT scrub or rub, as can ruin material.  Be sure to dry wet areas by blotting with dry towel.


What is Burlap?

Burlap also known as Hessian; is a very durable breathable fabric. It is a material typically woven from the skin of plants that contains strong fibers.  Jute is the name of the plant used to make burlap.


What is Felt?


Felt Fabric is man made created from natural fabrics such as acrylic or wool.