I'm a Survivor!

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When I met my husband, it was love at first sight. I thought he was the one and he still is. We have been through thick and thin.  No matter what curved ball life throws at us we always stick together. We are committed to one another.

For years, we remain united through sickness, laughter, lost and sorrow. We lost three children, before we were blessed with our darling daughter. My last pregnancy was a very stressful because of my fear of having another miscarriage. I also was very sick that I was put on bed rest. Consequently, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high blood sugar throughout my pregnancy and even after. For years I had struggled with poor health, my weight, diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep disorder etc... but, I was a woman of strong mind, spirit, and affectionate disposition. I never let trouble, pain, or heartache keep me down.

While my daughter was in her last year of college, I opened a very successful bakery. This was my dream! I invested everything and put my all in it. It required a lot of work and produced a lot of stress but did not mind the hard work. But after a few months I had a stroke. I was forced to close it and I lost all my investments. To top it all, I got sued for breach of my lease.

So, I spent months unable to function all. AII I did all day was sitting on a sofa staring at a wall at home, devastated, angry, and depressed I couldn't get over what happened to me. While recovering from the first stoke tests shows that my heart was failing because of poor circulation. It was 35% blocked. I had to go under surgery to remove the blockage and have some stents inserted to allow more circulation.

A few years later I had a slip and fall accident that damaged my hip, back and left leg. I was unable to walk even with a cane I had to drag my feet to move. One leg became longer than the other, and as a result I do not have any balance. I was constantly in pain even with all the epidural injections, and therapies. Finally, after two years the doctors decided to do surgery on my back to put a stimulator to help with the pain and the nerves. It helps greatly but I still have pain when it rains and during the cold winters. I still drag my feet and I’m still unable to run even if my life depended on it.

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