I am a Survivor part 2

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I’m a Survivor…Part 2

In the course of 10 years I had to deal with two stokes, two heart surgeries, a slip and fall accident, and back surgery. I had to walk with a cane and still am. Without it I will stumble and fall, or I must hold on to someone. When I fall, I can’t get up. It requires a lot of maneuvering on my part to get up; as a result, I am in a constant panic not to break my back again. Presently I walk like a baby learning how to walk because I have no balance in my feet. It is a challenge for me at times, but I learned to deal with it. As I was wrestling in my mind with the idea of being handicapped, Covid-19 happened.

I am a very independent, active, lucid women. Feeling sorry for myself never sit well with me. Becoming a prisoner of Covid on top of everything else that I had to deal with made me snap. I started to think deeply about my life’s limitations in the parameters of my cage and I decided to do something about it.

Crafts, flowers, making unique, beautiful, wow things are my passion. I started making terrariums, then stylish purses, and accessories. At first it was a way to keep myself busy, and then the creativity I was born with took over. I kept on creating so many dramatic, beautiful items, that I wanted to share them with other people. That is how HuguCreations was created.

               "Turbulance will pass, calm wll come". 


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